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Private home cleanings

Get help with cleaning your home professionaly and enjoy the freedom!
All private home cleaning offers are non-binding, so you can also book and we can always adjust to your needs.You can save costs by letting us to use your cleaning products and materials, however we can also always come with ours.All cleanings and cleaners are insured by Tryg insurance, please kindly read our terms and conditions for more information.

We are very aware that letting someone in your private space requires big audacity as you should trust strangers. Therefore we offer very friendly customer service and will have a small chat with you prior the first cleaning.

Weekly cleaning               

Have your home cleaned once a week or more often.

price from 745kr.

Main cleaning

Have your entire home cleaned from inside and outside

price from 875kr.

Bi-weekly cleaning

Have your home cleaned once every 2 weeks (every 14 days).

price from 745kr.

Move in/out cleaning

Have every corner of your home cleaned when you move in or move out from your home

price from 875kr.

Once a month cleaning

Have your home cleaned once every 4 weeks.

price from 745kr.


What we will do during the cleaning


  • Clean/wipe of all reachable surfaces from outside (kitchen cabinets, oven door, cooker hood etc.)

  • Wipe counter top

  • Clean and polish sink and faucet

  • Empty garbage and wipe the garbage area under the sink

  • Clean window behind the kitchen sink, if there is any.


  • Clean shower - walls/glass wall and fixtures with shower spray, rinse, polish

  • Clean toilet from outside and inside including toilet seat

  • Clean and polish sink and faucet

  • Polish mirror and glass fixtures

  • Clean and dust other horizontal surfaces

  • Wipe cupboards and other surfaces from outside

  • Empty garbage, wipe off garbage bin


  • Dust all reachable horizontal surfaces

  • Polish glass table, TV, fingerprints or other marks from glass doors

  • Wipe off all door panels and other furniture panels including picture frames

  • Wipe windowsills

  • By arrangement we can also change bedsheets

Entire home

  • Remove spiderwebs

  • Clean floor panels

  • Vacuum floors

  • Mop floors

  • Wipe around el. switches and sockets

Extra tasks (requires extra time)
Included in move in/out cleanings

  • Clean inside in the fridge

  •  Clean the oven (should provide with oven cleaner and metallic sponge)

  •  Clean cooker hood (from the bottom)

  •  Clean inside of kitchen cabinets

  •  Clean inside of wardrobes

  •  Deep cleaning of shelves (remove all, vacuum clean the books, organize all back)

We are limited to:

  • We cannot move heavy furniture like sofa, beds, cupboards, dining tables and such due to risk of getting back injury.

  •  We cannot climb on chairs and clean somewhere up unreachable due to risk on falling.

  •  Our cleaners don't do windows, except cleaning the one behind the kitchen sink

  •  We don't offer laundry services like ironing, folding etc.

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home cleaning 

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